292 - Balustrade and Landscaping.

The new balustrade has been installed on the balcony.
Start of the landscaping - paved walkways.
The latest happenings for 292 is the new balustrade on my deck. Hooray - long delayed but most welcomed. The smaller details on the exterior are slowly coming together.
The balustrade is powdercoated in the same colour as the roof and the lower level of the building - it keeps it all smart and consistent.
We are at the finishing end of the exterior painting. Some of the windows need final coats as well as the slatted screens. We can only paint when the weather and our work schedule allows us.
Dad and I have started on the landscaping at the front with paved walkways and will be filling the rest with soil at the end of the week. We intend to keep the planting plan simple. Will keep you posted how that turns out.
I have advertised the lower level apartment tonight on TradeMe. So if you or anyone you know happen to be looking for a lovely new two bedroom apartment to move into - do get in touch.
Photographs by Charlotte Minty.

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