Anne Grafton from GP & J Baker

Baker Lifestyle - Beachcomber Collection

I went to a great presentation last night. It was with Anne Grafton, Managing Director and Head of Design for the GP and J Baker Group of Companies in England. Within the group's umbrella are fabric houses GP and J Baker, Baker Lifestyle, Threads and Mulberry.
Anne was delightful and she gave us a deep appreciation of the great history behind GP and J Baker. There were some great stories - including visiting the Queen three months ago to choose her latest fabrics. Yes, the Queen still chooses all her interior fabrics for her royal living quarters and Anne showed us her choices. Incidentally GP and J Baker have the royal warrant for their products. There were also stories about limited fabric runs of incredibly detailed, embroidered and appliqued fabric (in result very, very expensive) and having a customer come in the showroom on the day of release and wanting 50m...amazing.
It is always inspiring to hear a great presentation and walk away impressed. I haven't used much of these products before, however, knowing more about them, I think I now will.

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