New Work - Joinery with Sliding Doors

The new entertainment unit with the doors closed.
Doors opened for TV watching.
Plenty of storage.
Open shelf for easy use with remote controls.
Beading detail and traditional style handles.
Here is a joinery unit that I designed  earlier this year. When I first met my clients and asked for their brief, I was directed to a small TV sitting on a coffee table, piles of books and various TV paraphernalia sitting in an unordered array under a window. They wanted to move up to a bigger TV but not have it dominate the room; to hide away the subwoofer which still needed to have an opening so that it can still work and to store the huge collection of DVDs, CDs and other personal items that was hogging up a wardrobe in an adjoining bedroom. Taking on board their brief as well as the traditional surroundings and furniture of their home, this is the result. The sliding doors cover the TV when not in use, the subwoofer is in a cupboard next to a opening covered in grill cloth (like a stereo speaker), the joinery is the same colour as the wall so that it is not imposing, we copied a beading detail of an adjoining sideboard for the panelled doors and we use traditional handles to tie in with the rest of the interior. The clients are happy. Mission accomplished.
Photographs by Charlotte Minty.

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