Recycle, Restore and Re-use.

Before - waiting for its pick up by my joiners.

After - now a bedside table and extra bedroom storage.

This piece of furniture was previously a retail shop fixture. Back in the day, I was a Visual Merchandiser for fashion and homeware brand, Country Road and while working there CR replaced all their fixtures and were selling off the old ones. So I brought what was known as the 'incubator' by my CR colleagues and it has been floating around through different family member's homes until I had a place for it. By the time I picked it up, it was worse for wear - the veneer was peeling off on the top from the hot sun. I knew this would be a handy piece so I got my joiners to re-use the base and replace the top. It looks great in the crisp white.
Photographs by Charlotte Minty.

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