The Versatile Tio Chair by Goldsworthy

I was reminded about the versatile Tio Chair by a client today as a suggestion for her home. Designed by Nathan Goldsworthy, this chair was launched in 2006 and won the NZ Best Award for Sustainable Design.
"Due to its ability to change, the Tio chair can remain contemporary and adapt to new environments" It is easy to change the covers of the Tio chair to suit any environment or style with only 1.3m of fabric required to do so. The chair also has generous dimensions which allows for comfortable lounge seating.

I received an email from Nathan Goldsworthy - who let me know that the Tio chair is now available in Oak (the above chair images are in pine), which is more robust and has a different look, ie. looks even better!
Photographs via Backhouse.

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