Inspirations for a New Home

Photos by Patric Johansson for Plaza Interior

Photos by Patric Johansson for Residence

When I got back yesterday from my weekend away, I managed a quick visit to my brother and his wife's new house. They brought it a couple of weeks ago and they received the keys this weekend.
When I arrived, the whole family was there to celebrate the purchase and to have a look around (well what do you expect from a family of architects and designers?) It is an awesome house with fantastic views over the city. It needs plenty of work, however my brother and his wife wanted a project and they certainly have one.
They may let me feature some of their house on the blog, however, for the meantime here are some cool inspirational interiors that I think they would like - they already have the white Eames dining chairs so they're off to a stylish start...
Photographs by Patric Johansson.

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