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Welcome to this week's Inspiration Profile - we are very happy to have the very busy and very talented Sian MacPherson. Enjoy this fantastic profile and have a great weekend all.

Sian MacPherson

Name: Sian MacPherson

What do you do:It's fair to say I like living to the extremes and enjoy wearing a few different hats. I juggle work as a stylist, designer, consultant and contractor for various private clients and companies, but my true passion lies with my role as Editor of Est Magazine – a digital magazine that showcases the best in global design with an Australian twist. 
Where do you live:Home for the past 3 years has been Melbourne, Australia - an absolute design hub and constant source of creative inspiration…though I do miss Sydney’s beaches and country new South Wales.
What are you working on: We are always working on the next issue – from the very day the last issue goes live we are working with our team of talented contributors on shooting new homes, unearthing new creative talent and searching the world for inspiring home wares and visuals. Now that we are publishing weekly Est mini mag editions we are constantly planning and working on new content. We have a few exciting plans in store for Est in the coming months featuring sneak peaks into covetable wardrobes for one – we just need a few more days in the week to get all of our ideas in motion!

Photography: Toby Scott

Photography: Jacob Gils

Who/what inspires me: My friends are actually a pretty inspiring crew. As I have moved a lot in the past few years I have a pretty wide spread of friends from completely different backgrounds, whether they are ‘sporty spice’ stay at home mums, sleepwear designers, photographers, company directors, stylists, or podiatrists, they are all doing some pretty amazing things– and they never fail to get me thinking and stretching my ideas. My girlfriends are very spirited and certainly let me know what they think, just as I do them – it makes for very lively and thought provoking conversation – always! Of course our contributors at Est endlessly inspiring – they are all multi talented, supremely skilled and master jugglers of careers and families. I am continuously in awe of what they do.
I work best:It seems late in the evening is when I do my best work. Est Creative Director, Lynda Evans and I can Skype and message with no distractions and actually manage to get across quite a lot late at night. I am pretty good at covering a lot between hours of school drop off and pick up too as a necessity…but would seriously love a few more hours in the day. With the wearing of many hats comes the feeling of always running to catch up.
What I do when I’m stuck for inspiration: Going for a walk always clears my head. I would love to get back to the country a bit more, there is nothing like a walk with the magpie call the only sound to be heard.
The best advice I have been given is: If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.
My latest discovery is: How good it is to start the day with a green juice. It has made such a difference I can’t even tell you – from clearer eyes to more energy, not to mention feeling so virtuous. My juice is basic; spinach, cucumber, celery, lemon and a green apple with half a litre of cold water. When time is tight – which is always – it’s an easy way to get everything in that I need and I can have breakfast on the run rather than skipping it altogether.

Styling: Deb McLean, Photography: Colin Doswell

Styling: Deb McLean, Photography: Colin Doswell
Books that I get inspiration from: I am a sucker for a Taschen design book, and The Sartoralist for a bit of fashion whimsy.
Magazines that inspire me: To be honest I am not really paying for printed magazines anymore. I find them a little underwhelming, over priced and dust collecting!
Blogs that I enjoy:I have a few favourites, some for a laugh – like The Man Repeller. Love her. I also love Emma’s Design blog from Sweden and photographers like Line Kleinand Ditte Isager.
My favourite room at home is: I would have to say my bedroom – it is a total retreat. Over sized, great light, and I can’t hear the TV. Living with 3 sons means there is always a rugby game that apparently ‘can not be missed’.
My office is:where I can lose hours and not even notice. Flooded with natural light, a wall to wall desk, soft oak flooring and internet speed to die for – I love working from this space.
What am I looking forward to: A trip back to our hometown of Gunnedah in country NSW. We are going on tour in a minibus to take our city friends to meet our country friends for a BBQ on the river and hundreds of children running around wreaking havoc. Can’t wait to go back to the ‘land of sweeping plain’s’!

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Photography: Robyn Lea

All photographs are used with permission from Est magazine.

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